• Bloch31

    Bloch's New Patented Pointe Shoe

  • Bloch-Shoes-b5ab99490a1-1

    Ballet Shoes

  • Shoes-3f968a159f

    Dance Sneakers

  • flamenco_shoe

    Flamenco Shoes

  • Ballroom-and-Character-shoes

    Ballroom & Character Shoes

  • Jazz-shoes

    Jazz Shoes

  • Tap-shoes

    Tap Shoes

  • Ballet-shoes

    Ballet Shoes


Ballet shoes, tap shoes, dance sneakers, jazz shoes, ballroom shoes, flamenco shoes, character shoes, zumba shoes, swing dance shoes and more.

  • Leotards

    Many, Many Leotards

  • LeotardMCU-copy-64c7036069

    Ballet School Uniform

  • Flamenco1-c7fabcc31f

    Flamenco Skirt

Dance Wear

Leotards, tights, shorts, jazz pants, leggings, tutus( practice and childrens, warmups, skirts, ballet skirts, ballroom dresses/skirts, flamenco dresses, sweaters, men’s and boys dance wear.

  • Makeup-Kit

    Ben Nye Student Make-Up Kit

  • Luxury-Powder-445f231097

    Ben Nye Products

  • makeup

    Kryolan Makeup


Ben Nye, Kryolan, hair accessories, bun covers, bobby pins, makeup kits.

  • RoscoOptiFlecs-Filters

    Filters For LED Lights

  • Rosco-Lens-Tissue-Needs-Crop-897eaf718f

    Lens Tissue

  • rosco

    Rosco Products

Theatrical Supply

280 different lighting gels (everything in the Roscolux Book), Tapes (Gaffer’s, spike, glow), fog fluid, and more!

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